Is Marijuana a Healthy Substance?

There is a lot of talk about marijuana in places such as Canada and the United States in the past few years. While a lot of research has come out regarding the benefits of marijuana, it appears that laws have become more relaxed.

For instance, consuming marijuana and buying it is now legal in Canada. And there are states in America where it is also legal. Some only allow medical marijuana, while there are a couple where recreational marijuana is also legal.

But the question that many people ask when they are checking out Seattle marijuana shops is whether marijuana is truly healthy for the body. Here is an overview of some health benefits associated with the substance.

Cancer Cells

Did you know that a study found that the CBD found in marijuana may help slow down cancer cells. When you are talking about marijuana, it is important to understand the difference between CBD and THC. CBD is what has a lot of the health benefits, while THC is what will provide you with a “high.”

Fight Alzheimer’s

It is not just CBD that can be helpful to the body. There are also some studies that show the THC in marijuana is able to help you fight off Alzheimer’s, because it is able to block the enzyme in the brain that creates a plaque that eventually leads to the brain condition.

Seattle marijuana shopsdifference between CBD and THC

Arthritis Pain

Individuals who are suffering from arthritis have a lot to gain from consuming medical marijuana. Not only does marijuana help them feel more calm and relaxed, but it will also reduce their pain and inflammation.

It is also a much better option as compared to many NSAIDs and similar medication, because those can have very serious side effects on the body when they are taken in the long term.

Controlling Seizures

There is some controversy surrounding the fact that kids are given medical marijuana in some parts of the world to help them with seizures. But what people must understand is the marijuana they are given has almost no THC, which means they are not getting high.

The CBD in marijuana can help control seizures and reduce the likelihood of a future episode. And for individuals who have not been able to get relief through any traditional medical treatment, it is a big win to know that marijuana could be the answer.

Treating Hepatitis C

Any medical professional can tell you that traditional treatment for Hep C can be very overwhelming for patients. In fact, there are cases where patients were not able to continue the treatment at all. The side effects were too much for them to handle.

But medical marijuana is a real alternative. A study in Europe showed that roughly 85% of people who were given marijuana as part of their Hep C treatment were able to complete it. Marijuana helps reduce the side effects from the treatment of Hep C.

If you have any doubt that marijuana is a very useful substance in the fight against many conditions, we hope that our guide has helped you to understand this fact.

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